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Discover how to avoid the 7 deadly sins that sabotage your profits, peace of mind, and production growth...

When you arm yourself with these 3 Powerful Practice Mindshifts that help you restore prosperity, reach your potential, and accelerate your success:

  • Better quality referring patients and case acceptance follow-through who do not leave you dependent on insurance alone and actually appreciate the care you provide
  • Create the best, most rewarding environment for your team, without stress and perfect communication so everyone can perform drama free...and keep your 'A Players' happy and for life
  • Providing more complete dentistry, using your skills and talents for comprehensive cases, working your passion and really getting to the good stuff, where all the profit is at, from hygiene to new patients and peer referrals this is a gapping hole in every practice I see where a lot of money is being left on the table

I will personally be your guide and walk you through the specific ways to implement these 3 Mind Shifts in your Practice and help you avoid the 7 Deadly Sins that are sabotaging you from your success.

If you are looking for the same-old cookie cutter approaches you’ve been preached to and trained on from consultant to practice management to seminar guru presenters then save yourself the time - I’m not here to make you feel good – I’m here to present no nonsense facts of what it takes to make a real, lasting, and significant difference in your Practice culture, Patient education and case acceptance, and the overall Quality and Profitability of the attracting and replicating the right type of patients for you.

This is the more comprehensive, strategy-packed, and critically-important book you will ever read. You will walk away with a renewed sense of hope, a confidence that there is a better way, and that you will no longer be stuck on the plateau of gradual growth or stagnant results. 

You will be energized, on fire, and be armed with very specific things to go and do in your practice to ensure you reach your fullest potential as a Dentist, a Leader, and a Business person who has invested your entire life into your career and practice.

It’s time for you to get a return on a life sacrifice, on the time spent away from your family, and your selfless dedication to others.  Not in only in income and wealth, also in satisfaction and feeling fulfilled for the lives you change and the people you serve and care for.

Besides, there’s no fee to get your copy (you don't even have to pay shipping!).  You be the judge, there’s nothing to lose unless you choose to not be open minded, to not look for a better way, to not accept reality and allow my expertise to make your more valuable.

Give me just a few moments of your dedicated attention to read this book and I will give you Your life back and put you in control of your practice so you can show up and be Dentist and go home without a second thought or worry or feeling of angst or need to micro manage.

“You don't want to hesitate, just like you don't want your patients to hesitate on their treatment and you understand why they shouldn't, you really need to look at your career, see where you are. If you're not where you want to be, you should not hesitate ... to dramatically change your life.” ~ Dr. Brian Handel


Scott J Manning, MBA has dedicated the last 10+ years of his career to helping dentists across North America create successful businesses based around their values and goals - with a focus on transforming Dental Practices in order to maximize the degree to which Dentists experience happiness, fulfilment, and of course, profits.

Scott has emerged as a recognized industry expert, helping countless Dental Practices grow and streamline their processes, improve patient happiness and retention rates, boost team member morale, and increase productivity.

Scott has created specialized formulas and protocols that form what he calls the Practice Profit Blueprints - a suite of integrated business systems designed to help Dentists achieve maximum leverage of their time in the office, while keeping their schedules filled up with the right kind of patients.



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